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I’m Cat, a New Zealand-based writer of speculative fiction novels and novellas. I write fantasy with science fiction elements, and vice versa.

About My Stories

As of now, I have one short story, 'The Wrong Camera', published in the Tales from the Archives podcast and ebook series. Praise for 'The Wrong Camera': "This is by far one of the best shorts in the series" — Joseph P, Amazon review.

I’m currently working on a fantasy trilogy. To read more about what I'm working on, please go to My stories.

About Me

I have lived in three vastly different island nations: my native New Zealand, England, and Japan. I made the questionable decision to move from Wellington to Christchurch shortly before the earthquake swarm of 2010–11.

I am a member of Speculative Fiction Writers of New Zealand (SpecFicNZ); I was on the 2011/12 SpecFicNZ Committee. I hold a BSc in Biology, and a Diploma in Publishing. By day I am a science editor.

I like science fiction, and love fantasy. Most of all, I love those special places where the two genres meet.

You can find me on Twitter, Google+, and Goodreads.