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iPad = useful

So, the other week I bought an iPad. I was somewhat afraid that it would be a frivolous purchase, something to gather dust, but I am glad to say that is not the case at all. Some highlights of my time so far with my iPad:

  • Checking Twitter and my RSS feeds before getting out of bed on frosty weekend mornings.
  • 'Quickly looking something up' actually being a quick process (my computer is a few years old and so takes a few minutes to start up).
  • Curling up on the sofa to read the publishing world news.
  • Best of all, writing in Simplenote on the bus to and from work, and then synching my words to my Scrivener project file when I get home. A few times I have met my daily word target before getting home.

So, in summary, tablet computers are great for people like me. In a matter of days, my iPad has made my life more efficient and comfortable, and has unshackled me from my hours of sitting at my computer desk every night. Brilliant.

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