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The Wrong Camera

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Published under my previous name, Catherine Ford.

A short story for the Tales from the Archives podcast and ebook series edited by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris.

Blythe is very excited to receive a camera for her birthday, but finds that gifts can have their price. What she sees through the lens offers a chilling insight into the future that people will kill for.

Praise for 'The Wrong Camera':

"This is by far one of the best shorts in the series" — Joseph P, Amazon review

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Works in Progress


Reality Shifting (tentative title) — novel — high fantasy. Sequel to Symmetry Breaking.

In Revision

Symmetry Breaking (tentative title) — novel — high fantasy. Alie stumbles into the plans of a higher dimensional being. For her troubles, she gets possessed by an unwilling 'demon'. Alie and her demon, locked into the one body together, want to be separated. They also want revenge ...

At Concept Stage

Heliopause — serialised story — science fiction.

Unnamed steampunk serialised story.

Teathika Protectrix— series — YA urban sci fi.

Senjima no Monogatari — series — epic fantasy — inspired by Heian Period Japan